Music Inspirations

As music is an integral part of any ceremony I have put together some suggestions of songs and music, which I feel have been used successfully in my wedding ceremonies. Some of the choices may seem cheesy but interestingly, it is these, which bring a ready smile and cheer to the guests. A good choice is one, which gets people moving, arouses emotion and generally makes people better, placing them in the moment.

I usually ask for three songs; the first is for the processional, when the bride enters, the second is played at the time of the signing and then, just after the final announcement of ‘husband and wife’ the happy, upbeat, rejoicing song is played.

I don’t mean to limit your selection and your choices will be honoured, these are just songs I have enjoyed.

Have a listen and see which ones reflect the mood you want to create…….the genres can be varied to create interest.

A Selection of Music Snatches