Celebrant Mentoring

Starting your Celebrancy journey is daunting; there are so many stumbling blocks and hurdles along the way that it can be discouraging and even humiliating.
When I started, I knew my motivations and knew I had all the components to make a great celebrant but having the building blocks doesn’t necessarily make for a grand building. It is the lessons along the way which build your confidence levels, your portfolio and your professionalism.
I genuinely wish that I had had someone help fast track me to a level of expertise and polished ability. And this is what I am offering you.
I am ready to share it all,,,,,,, everything which can help set you up to be poised, proficient, professional and picture-perfect even before you have delivered your first ceremony.
On average, celebrants deliver approximately six ceremonies a year. I know that it takes great gusto and effort to maintain the level of confidence you require to perform a beautiful ceremony. Practice is the best learning tool, but we are in a unique industry where our practice happens in front of a crowd of people on a very monumental day. We have only one take, and we must get it right. So this service is also for those of you who would value refreshing, honing and developing their skills.
We all need someone we can turn to with confidence to reassure or guide, offer words of wisdom or expressions of praise. I can be that person to you.

Why choose me?

Because I care, I care about you doing a good job and feeling comfortable and competent. I also care about the industry and how Celebrants are viewed.
Just like you, I have to complete my ongoing professional development requirements annually and know that they are perfunctory and not enough to make you great. If you are on this page, congratulations; it shows that you too care and are already in the process of becoming great.

What makes me equipped to help you?

I could bang on and tell you about all the awards I have won (none,,,,so short answer there) but to be fair, I haven’t entered any. I could tell you I am the best, but that would be arrogant and self-servicing. The fact is that I apply myself daily to the task of learning more, gathering more and listening more. I audit myself after each wedding, appraising what I can carry with me in my bag of tricks and what needs to be discarded.
After a ceremony, I am thanked by the couple, and sometimes the guests share their reactions, but it is the other professionals on the day that I value feedback from because they are the one’s privy to many and varied ceremonies. Often the photographer or videographer volunteer comments such as “that was the most loving experience I have witnessed” or “you are so natural and spontaneously funny'”. But my favourite is “you are the second-best celebrant I have ever seen”, this sits well with me because it encourages me to continue to learn and grow.

What I offer

  • Public speaking training
  • How to market yourself
  • Where are the best places to find your couples
  • How to turn inquiries into bookings
  • Establishing a rapport with your couples
  • The formal interview and completing document
  • The ceremony design and how to tackle it
  • The exceptional delivery of a heartfelt and loving ceremony
  • Music in a ceremony
  • After ceremony followups
  • A website design service is also available but this is for an additional fee

What is my fee?

$1000 for the full programme and 6 months support

$75 per half hour (minimum) for each individual component listed above

$75 per half hour (minimum) telephone support

Extra Services

A ceremony writing service is available starting from $100

A personal story is $75 for approximately 500 words

Your ceremony reviewed and edited $50 ( I am a professional editor)

Evaluation of your performance and delivery of ceremony  (on location), price to be negotiated