My Services and Fees

Behind the Magic

As your chosen wedding celebrant I offer a complete package with no hidden costs, all weddings, no matter how small or large get the same attention and service.

What is Included in my Service

My job is to ensure every aspect of your wedding ceremony is addressed with an eye for detail. And, where possible, all your needs, desires and requirements are fulfilled. Your ceremony is the jewel in the crown of the whole wedding experience, and my speciality is to evoke emotion and intimacy. Goosebumps are my goal, and tears are a bonus.

Included in my duties of service

  • A preliminary meeting at my home.
  • To prepare the ceremony to your satisfaction and complete any necessary legal paperwork, I offer unlimited face to face consultation.
  • Unlimited telephone and email communications.
  • An information pack including explanatory notes, marriage education consultants etc.
  • Lodgement of all legal documentation before and after the ceremony.
  • A complimentary portfolio of music, readings, poems and vows, together with relevant ceremony and marriage information.
  • Access to further resources on my website, which are protected from the public, a password will be supplied.
  • Three iTunes songs of your choice for the ceremony
  • Preparation and Design of the ceremony, incorporating any special requests such as cultural traditions, family values and rituals.
  • If required, supply of ribbons for the Handfasting.
  • Assistance with writing vows.
  • Supply of blue tooth P.A. system. Battery operated, so no need for an external power source.
  • My husband (my secret weapon to make the ceremony streamlined) plays the music when required and operates the audio equipment.
  • The delivery of the ceremony.
  • Keepsake copy of your ceremony.
  • Ceremonial marriage certificate.
  • Love, joy and sharing!

Music and Audio

I am happy to advise on suitable music to use throughout the ceremony and my husband, working from his script, knows exactly when to play and fade out.

I will purchase 3 pieces of music for your ceremony to ensure that it plays through our system.

Peter also controls the PA system and he will isolate the different wireless microphones throughout the ceremony. This ensures that guests only hear what is relevant.

My Fee

 $550 for the simplest registry style wedding at my home 

If your ceremony is important to you then you will love what I do, how I do it and how it makes you feel.

 $950 for the full zhaa zhaa bang! yes, my word but it does evoke the pageantry

I understand that each wedding is different and your needs vary because of this I have a scale of fees….so tell me your plans

An extra charge for destinations beyond 100kms and parking in the city may be imposed.

Schedule of Payments

I will require a non-refundable deposit of $150 to secure your booking.

Once the booking fee is paid then I can deliver a full service immediately, secure in the knowledge that we are a partnership, both devoted to making your wedding ceremony flawless. This booking fee is non refundable.

Half of the remaining fee is due at the Interview. On this occasion The Notification of Intention to Marry will be lodged.

The balance of my fee is due no more than 7 days prior to your wedding.

If you wish to view my Terms and Conditions prior to reaching a decision I am happy to oblige, otherwise they will be  supplied during the booking in process.

Just FYI

It may be of interest to you that The Registry Office now charges $557 for a Friday or Saturday Wedding ceremony. While they do legally marry you on their premises with a standard ceremony, you are just a number in a line.
I spend, on average, between 15-20 hours on each wedding to create a specially designed and delivered, handcrafted ceremony that reflects all that you are as individuals and all that you wish to be as a couple. I nurture you through the whole experience with love and grace, and it is my absolute pleasure and joy to be invited to join you on this most remarkable day.