Same Sex Weddings

Legalising All Love Connections


I have always ardently supported same-sex marriage because I feel that the acknowledgement of love, no matter the gender, should be afforded to everyone.
Feeling passionate about something generally comes from an experience that has been explored and is then driven from the heart.
I have five children and two stepchildren who are all happy, balanced individuals, each making their mark on the world. I take some credit for this and identify that they have made their own choices and forged their own path. Amongst the mix of children, I have a gay son and gay stepdaughter, who are adored and cherished for the people they are. Having raised (and help raise) them, I understand that their sexual orientation is not a choice but rather a state of being. When reflecting on all the children, in regards to partnering, I hope that they each may have the opportunity to publicly proclaim that their partnership with their chosen mate is so deep that they want it to last for all of their days.
One day I look forward to marrying my children (if that is their choice), but in the meantime, I look forward to marrying other people’s children, making their parents proud of the loving children they have created.

The Ceremony Structure

I offer all couples a beautiful and loving Wedding Ceremony, which truly reflects the pure intention of their love, their relationship and their personalities.

Legally, there are only 4 compulsory components which must be included in your ceremony. Everything else is up to you!

Here is a suggested framework for your order of service.

  • Processional
  • The Giving Away
  • Welcome
  • A short introduction about the couple’s commitment to each other and view of marriage
  • The love story
  • Reading
  • Legal Ceremony…section 46 of The Marriage Act…‘The Monitum’
  • The Couple’s Declaration..this is a public declaration to all those present
  • Poetry/Blessing/Ritual
  • Ring Ceremony…some form of ceremonial symbolic exchange depending on race or religion
  • Vows…a selection of either custom written or poetic vows
  • The Declaration …the Celebrant announces the couple ‘Partners for Life’
  • Signing of the register
  • Final blessing followed by a introduction of couple

My Fee

My job is to ensure every aspect of your wedding ceremony is addressed with an eye for detail and that, where possible, all you needs, desires and requirements are fulfilled. Your ceremony is the jewel in the crown of the whole wedding experience and my specialty is to evoke emotion and intimacy. Goosebumps are my goal and tears are a bonus.

Included in my duties of service

  • A preliminary meeting at either my home.
  • In order to prepare the ceremony to your satisfaction and to complete any necessary legal paperwork, I offer unlimited face to face consultation.
  • Unlimited telephone and email communications.
  • Information pack including explanatory notes, marriage education consultants etc.
  • Lodgement of all legal documentation before and after the ceremony.
  • A complimentary portfolio of music, readings, poems and vows, together with relevant ceremony and marriage information.
  • Access to further resources on my website which are protected from the public, a password will be supplied.
  • 3 iTunes songs of your choice for the ceremony
  • Preparation and Design of the ceremony, incorporating any special requests such as cultural traditions, family values and rituals.
  • If required supply of ribbons for the Handfasting.
  • Assistance with writing vows.
  • Supply of P.A. system.
  • My husband (my secret weapon to make the ceremony streamlined) plays the music when required and operates the audio equipment.
  • The delivery of the ceremony.
  • Keepsake copy of your ceremony.
  • Ceremonial marriage certificate.
  • Love, joy and sharing!

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