Naming Days

Celebrating the Joy of Children

The Naming Ceremony is a fulfilling and meaningful ceremonial experience for all concerned. It is an occasion where a new birth is celebrated and the child is welcomed into a family. Family relationships are deepened and parents become more aware of their responsibilities so too do the Grandparents and Godparents/Mentors.

Naming Ceremonies are a joy for me, having 5 children of my own I feel as though I can bring a genuine sincerity and understanding about the thrill of motherhood.

I recently became a Grandmother to Gulliver Hondo Grant, a delicious baby boy with a grand name, a calm demeanour and a beautiful smile, which lights up his face and as a consequence the faces of those who surround him.

I have devised some unique, tender and loving ceremonies, which are truly loving and make Naming Days relevant in todays society.

The Ceremony Structure


Introduction: a brief story about the parent’s commitment and the decision to have a child.

Grandparents Acknowledgement

Guest Acknowledgement


Godparent Dedication


Story;  A brief story about the baby’s life thus far and a description of their personality.

Parent Dedication

Naming: A brief story about the baby and his/her personality. The meaning of their chosen names and

Parent’s Vows: this can be parents only or include the guests

Final Blessing

Certificate Presentation

My Fee

My fee for this style of ceremony is $500 which includes ribbons, cords and or fabric bunting dolls.

Opening Address Samples

Option 1: A baby is a traveler in time. From fragments of ourselves someone utterly new and unlike any other is created. A child is someone who sets off on a first journey. Whom we can only accompany for a part of their of lives, for they are bound for a time we will not see, springs and summers beyond our knowing.

Friends, We meet here to today take part, together, in a symbolic ceremony. We do so for a number of reasons.

(Parent’s names) wish to express their joy to you on the birth of (Child’s name). They are pleased that he/she has arrived safely in this world. They want to welcome him/her into their family unit, to the wider family of their relatives, and to the community of their friends and the world. They wish you all to share this joy.

Mixed with the happiness that (Parent’s names) have is also certain awe at the immense responsibility that is now theirs. This welcome to little (Child’s name) will remind them that from now on a great deal of their lives will be involved in caring for his/her, guiding his/her development, and nurturing his/her growth as a human being. Just as they wish you to share their joy, they also ask you to share their responsibility.

It is certain that the more love (Child’s name) receives, the more he/she will benefit in his/her life, and the more love in turn he/she will be able to give to others. The more people with whom (Child’s name) relates,

the more balanced and rich his/her growth will be.

Your presence at today’s ceremony demonstrates your love for (Child’s name) and your desire to be involved in (Child’s name) life and it is hoped for and appreciated that you will continue your interest and involvement in the years ahead.

plus……A personal story about the new family dynamics ie; first boy in the family for 2 generations, little sister dotes on new brother, much longed for baby etc…Mary will write after gathering specifics.

Option2 In western culture this ceremony goes back to Roman and Greek practice in pre Christian times. Renowned scholars, tell us that a child was not a member of the family until the celebrant had named him or her at the naming ceremony. Almost every nation of the world has the equivalent of a cultural naming ceremony. In this ceremony we consciously decide to bring him/her closer to all of us.

It is our close relationships which give the most meaning to our lives. Today we celebrate the coming of this child into your personal world, into a loving family, and into a network of friends.

plus……A personal story about the new family dynamics ie; first boy in the family for 2 generations, little sister dotes on new brother, much longed for baby etc…Mary will write after gathering specifics