Ceremony Options

Sydney based wedding celebrant ceremony choices

Creating the Ceremony

Below is the first page of a 15 page brochure which is designed to help spring board your ceremony construction. Every section can be custom built, with this brochure providing elements to help you express your personal sentiments.

Opening Address Options

No.1 Today, on their wedding day, _____and _____are fortunate to have around them their parents, relatives and friends, who rejoice with them in the celebration of their marriage. Through the example of their parents in a loving and understanding home, and the influence of their friends in their lives, they have become prepared for the type of commitment they will be making to each other; to be the best of friends as well as husband and wife. By maintaining a solid foundation of friendship, which by its very nature is the most perfect love, they will be better able to work together as husband and wife. Their striving to become one will be enhanced by their success at remaining individuals, for only in that way can they complement each other and grow towards their mutual goals.

No.2 On behalf of   ________ and   ________ and   their families, I welcome you all to witness their marriage, and  to share their happiness on this day. To quote George Sand ‘There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved’. Marriage is the ultimate expression of love; it reduces our selfishness, deepens our personalities, and makes life far more meaningful.

So today, as they make known their love for each other, I am sure that all of us wish for them a love which makes both of them better people, that continues to give them a joy and zest for living, which provides them with the energy to face the responsibilities of life.

No.3  We have come here today to witness the marriage of  ________ and  ________. They have come gladly to this moment. They have already shared much of their lives together, and know that they are a great partnership. But it has not been enough.

Today they choose to make a deeper commitment to each other; a legal and binding contract. It is their way of telling each other that their experience together has been so good, that they want it to continue for the rest of their lives. They have loved each other before this ceremony. They believe they will love each other more because of it.

No.4  _______ and   ________  have grown in their love for each other over the past _____ years. And their lives are better each day for having each other in it. For ________ and   ________ marriage means being in love with the true essence of the other – an old fashioned appreciation of what it means to care, a cup of tea, a meal on the table, a creative home, a commitment to compassion, loving their animals and the earth, a sense of humour and always having time for each other. We stand with them today as they publicly honour their precious love and commitment, which will serve as a foundation for the years ahead.

No.5 There is no greater gift than the love that makes two people one. And there is no greater indication of that love than the public commitment, which unites two people as husband and wife.

Marriage is a partnership of two unique people who bring out the very best in each other, it is a relationship where these two people grow together, with their differences, learning to be tolerant of those differences, sharing hopes and dreams, while prospering in the good times, and compromising through the difficult times, listening, talking and understanding one another.. ________ and ________decision to publicly exchange vows today confirms their commitment to a marriage that has already taken place in their hearts and in their minds.

No.6 _______and _______ have chosen this beautiful place, _______ and all of us to be here to support, share in, and celebrate the love they have for each other. Today you will witness the high regard they have for each other and their promise for a united future. Their choice is responsible, free, independent and happy.

I encourage you all to uplift your hearts to embrace ________ and ________ with your blessings as you witness something sacred and precious.

Marriage is one of life’s most important relationships. In the words of Benjamin Disraeli, ‘We are all born for love; it is the principle of existence and it’s only end.’ You, _______and ________, love and trust each other implicitly and know in your hearts that you truly want to make each other happy, this is your aim, and it is your desire to see the reflections of love in each others eyes. ______ and _____may this day and place remain in your heart, where the celebration of your love took place, and in passing years may you look back and remember this day with an abundance of happy memories and recognise it as the moment that the fulfillment of promises began.

The Ceremony Structure

Prior to the commencement of the ceremony Mary will have a preamble stating what guests can anticipate during and after the ceremony including a few expectations ie; turn off mobile phones, after the ceremony drinks will be served at the rotunda while the couple have photographs taken, etc.

(recommended) Processional  MUSIC 

(optional) The Giving Away;

(optional) Affirmation by guests

(compulsory) Welcome

(optional) Introduction  a story about the couple

(optional) Reading

(compulsory) Legal Ceremony section 46 of The Marriage Act,

‘The Monitum’

(compulsory) The Declaration of the Couple; this is a public declaration to all those present where you sate your full names and intention to marry. This section can include an I Do question ie; Do you Ian ,accept Sally to be your wife, in equal love, as a partner, to honour and cherish, in sorrow and joy?

(recommended) Vows; a selection of either custom written or poetic vows

((recommended) Ring Ceremony; some form of ceremonial symbolic exchange depending on race or religion

(optional) Reading refer to brochure /Ritual refer to booklet

(recommended) The Declaration; the Celebrant announces the couple ‘Husband and Wife’ and then kiss

(compulsory) Signing of the register   MUSIC

Building to Conclusion

(optional) Blessing

(optional) Affirmation by guests

(recommended) Introduction of the married couple MUSIC