Making your Wedding Legal

The Notice of Intended Marriage must be completed no less than one month prior to a couple’s wedding day, and is valid for 18 months from the time of completion. A Declaration will also need to be completed by each party, stating that, there is no legal obstruction to their marriage. This is to be completed as close as possible to the wedding.

On the wedding day, after the legal vows have been spoken, each will sign, along with their 2 witnesses (who are over 18) three documents; the presentation marriage certificate, the official marriage certificate, and a register which I keep. The official marriage certificate will be lodged electronically immediately after the ceremony as well as being sent to the registry office.

The following documents will be required to complete the paper work.

  • Photo ID
  • If you were born in Australia you must supply an original birth certificate. If you can not locate yours then you can apply for a replacement, with the Births Deaths and Marriages in the state which you were born,.
  • If you were born overseas and don’t have your birth certificate then a foreign passport (it can have expired but a cancelled one is not acceptable) will suffice.
  • If your birth certificate is in a foreign language then you will need to supply a translation by an accredited organisation.
  • A divorce certificate if you are divorced from a previous marriage.
  • A death certificate if a former spouse has died.
  • If either of you is under 18years old, your parent’s consent and an order from a magistrate.
  • Under the Marriage Act of 1961 I am obliged to witness documents which prove that you are 18 years or over, which is the marriageable age in Australia.
  • If one or both of the parties have been married previously then proof of termination is required.
  • A Notice of Intention form must be completed no less than one month prior to the marriage date and this must be supported by the certificates of birth, certificates of divorce or a certificate of death if a former spouse has died.


What documents do I need to supply to complete the paperwork?

It is important that you supply evidence of birth. Ideally this would be a birth certificate or if you can not easily obtain that the a passport will be adequate. An expired passport is fine but a cancelled passport is not acceptable. Photo Id needs to be sighted to make sure you are who you claim to be and if either of you have been divorced then a certificate needs to be produced.

Do you need copies of these certificates?

No I only need to sight originals (no photocopies).

What if I my birth certificate is in my mother’s possession and I will only have it a day before the wedding?

As long as the document is sighted and the registration number recorded prior to the ceremony then the ceremony can take place. This goes for all certificates, the Notification of Intention to Marry can be submitted without the support of these documents.

What is the Notification of Intention to Marry?

This the single most important document which needs to be completed at least 1 month prior to your Wedding. This form supplies details about each party and they both need to sign it in front of an authorised person.

What if neither of us are able to see you before the wedding?

You can still lodge the Notification. If you down load the form from the Attorney Generals Site or just type in ‘The Notification of Intention to Marry’ into your search engine the form will be accessed. Complete all relevant details so that they match your birth certificate then get an authorised person to witness your signature. Make sure this person provides their appropriate number or position together with an address (safe guard..more information the better) The next step is to scan the document (or post) and as long as it is received by me prior to the 1 month cut off you have successfully lodged your application.

We want you and although we live in Melbourne we are getting married in Sydney?

Easy, just follow the steps above to lodge an application. We will build up a relationship very quickly using Skype, emails and phone calls. We will both feel as though we have established a connection by the time we meet (sometimes at you actual wedding) such fun…..!!!

My fiancé is overseas and will not be back until a week before the wedding will this impact on the Lodgement of the Notification?

As long as one party is able to lodge the application within the required time constraints then the application is valid.

What other forms need to be completed prior to the Wedding?

A form called ‘The Couples Declaration’ needs to be filled out as close to the wedding date as possible. This document, which needs to be signed by both parties, states that you each believe the other is free to marry.

Can we have just we two at a ceremony?

You must have have two witnesses present to hear you exchange legal vows. They must be over 18 but it is not necessary to know the witnesses. So the answer is no. If you would like me to arrange witnesses then a fee of $50 will be charged to compensate them for their time.

How long is a regular ceremony?

The recommended length for a ceremony should be between 20-30minutes, anything less than this will be too quick. It may seem like a long time to have guests standing/sitting witnessing but it will go really quickly because there are so many interesting and engaging elements.

Creating memories of love needs to be honoured with a time. Anything longer than 30minutes is really unnecessary.

How is this time calculated?

From the moment the music starts for the processional to the final announcement of Mr and Mrs.

How do you justify your fee?

Please see the prepared video on this subject under the ‘Contact’ tab ‘Fees and Service’

Can you match a quote from another celebrant who charges less than you?

As with any business in any kind of industry, each business offers different things in terms of their vision, product and the amount of time they invest in their clients. When things are too good to be true, most likely they are. What I deliver is unique to me and it is my skill, experience and style which you are investing in.

What is included in your service?

Everything is included with the exception of a travelling allowance charged after 100kms. Again refer to the above web site page for a full list.

Surely there are some hidden charges?

No there are not and you must be left feeling breathless, saying, “how does she do it”

What sets you apart from other celebrants?

I am sure there are other celebrants similar to me out there but in my experience most tend to take the pious approach. My style is warm, embracing and engaging and my ceremonies are handcrafted with love to express the personalities of the main players.

I see this role I am undertaking as my calling, really! I feel that I am blessing couples and I am pretty sure they feel it too.

Are you willing to fit in with our theme?

I love the challenge of reinventing my look to fit in with a theme…..yay! I was asked to do a nudist wedding and dress (or not) accordingly. I declined, well not exactly I was happy to do it in the sheerest of clothing (still maintaining my modesty) That was then, maybe I am braver now….mmmmmm But really who wants to see a 50 something naked…..not even me…haha!

Send me more questions – I am just warming up!