Registry Style Weddings

Glenorie garden location for intimate weddings

Intimate Garden Weddings in Glenorie

I understand that not every one desires a public wedding surrounded by many, some couples just want a private affair where they can wed discreetly without fanfare. I also recognise that the Registry Office can be clinical and officious and so I give couples the opportunity to wed in privacy, to feel the embrace of someone who cares and is connected to your personal story.

I have opened up my home to make it possible to have a quiet ceremony set in a beautiful location. I live in Glenorie, on a five acre, property, which offers several suitable sites for a loving ceremony.

We have created a purpose built altar space which is set close to nature and surrounded by gardens.

Another of my favourite spaces is under the Liquidamber and Peppercorn trees. There is something special about the magnificence of a large tree, a tree which has stood erect for many years, overseeing all the happenings in it’s surrounds, embedding, within its rings, the memories of life. It offers under its wide branches, shade but also a nurturing strength.

Fee Structure for Registry Style Weddings

Option 1: $500

I am happy to welcome up to six of your family and friends.

With consultation, I will supply a ceremony which reflects your style and outlook.

I also provide music, which you select from my favorites list.

If you would like more guests then a price structure will be negotiated.

All legal paperwork completed and lodged as per my requirements.

A commemorative copy of the ceremony.

Love, joy and happiness woven throughout


Option 2: $550

As per option 1

A standard ceremony and your choice of a ritual, dove releasing, hand fasting, seven steps, Blessing of the Hands etc


Option 3: $600

As per option 1

Up to twelve guests

A handwritten ceremony

Your choice of music


Witnesses: $50 each

If you require me to supply witnesses I do request a further payment of $50 per witness, which is compensation for the witness’ time.

I will look after all your needs and hopefully, I will exceed your expectations.