Remember the Love

Remember the Love

The single most impressive element, which you bring to your wedding ceremony, is not tangible and it doesn’t cost anything. With this present it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the fragrant flowers or stunning wedding attire, it doesn’t matter what delicious gourmet food is served, it’s not about the expensive wine, elaborate cake or string quartet. Without this ingredient nothing else matters.

Love is the most potent and important ingredient.

You probably think that, at a wedding, this is a given considering that love was the catalyst for the whole event. But if you are not careful love can be buried and overwhelmed by crippling nerves, stress, unrealistic expectations and family issues. Unless you are really mindful of their existence the negativity can fuse together so that it feels more like dark clouds looming rather than joy….with joy being the byproduct of love and rejoicing.

Essentially your wedding day is about formalizing your partnership to make it legal. You don’t need anything other than a registered Celebrant or Minister to make this happen, with the formalities themselves being uninspired and perfunctory. Even declaring your love is optional but by adding one extra ingredient, that of a great Celebrant, your ceremony will tantalize, a great Celebrant will make sure that love comes to the ceremony, that love radiates from the couple and envelops those gathered to witness, trapping all in the bubble of love.

No dark clouds just sunshine.

Given that, investment in the look of the wedding day is discretionary and that the ceremony is not, care and caution should be shown when choosing a Celebrant who will help bring love to your ceremony.

Be willing to find the right Celebrant with whom you can establish a rapport and invest in their service. Then you can relax in trust.

Remember; Love is a gift, love is an adventure, love is a many splendored thing -love is what makes the world go around so why not spread a little of the sweet stuff?

That’s my job spreading joy, happiness and sunshine, bringing love always. If you would like me to enhance your ceremony with my rays of sunshine please give me a call.

Mary is a Sydney based Celebrant based in the Hills District. She performs all styles of ceremonies and with her she brings her natural flair and style…..and of course her untamed curly hair.