Jumping the Broom, Family Style

Jumping the Broom, Family Style

I really thrive on being set a challenge. My latest mission was to honour the children of a couple and include a broom jumping into their wedding ceremony. After researching the history of this ritual I refined the symbolism to capture the essence of it’s meaning and with a dash of creative licence the children were woven into rich fabric of this deeply meaningful ceremony.

Jumping the Broom, Family Style.

This celebration is not only an acknowledgement of the love intentions of Ariel and Jacob it is also recognising that their children are woven into the very essence of their being and are fundamental to this relationship. As individuals you, Ariel and Jacob are strong; as a couple, nothing can stand in your way and as a family you are invincible. Within this family unit you all support each other as the earth supports the tree and gives it nourishment, as the tree supports the vine and holds it up to face the sun, as the vine supports the nest and gives it shelter, as the nest supports the eggs and gives them a place for a life to begin….and so your new life together begins, strong, cohesive and connected.

Honouring their place and importance in this family Ariel and Jacob along with Zoe, Rhys and Ester will all hold hands and jump across the broom. In so doing they will sweep away the past while holding onto what is important and valued, they are learning from past mistakes and are moving in a forward direction, welcoming the new with all the goodness and magic which makes them shine brightly as a family. Together they rejoice in the strengthening of their bonds and see their future with renewed optimism where every potential can be realised. As well as sweeping away the past and welcoming the future jumping over the broom also represents strength, love, togetherness, loyalty, and respect which are essential ingredients for a successful marriage and a cohesive family unit.

The best man hands the broom to Jacob, who makes sweeping gestures to eliminate any negative energies. Jacob then hands the broom to Ariel, who places it on the ground in their path. The family jump.