Questions to ask a Celebrant

Questions to ask a Celebrant

There are hotspots in the year that always fill quickly and if you choose one of these dates you will have to book in your suppliers early. When I have inquiries for the dates which I have already booked I feel a sense of disappointment for what could have been but then I turn it into a positive trying to help couples make another selection. There are many Celebrants to chose from but you must be cautious because not all Celebrants are roses. (I like to describe myself as a daisy, but not your common variety but a double petalled one…..)vectorstock_2801069

The only Celebrant I can recommend to couples is me because I am confident about my service but I have put together a list of questions to help weed out the contenders (there is that gardening reference again).

To help you with making your decision you may like to consider the following points and even, when speaking to Celebrants, ask these few questions to help with your selection. Price should be the last factor when deliberating. Just for your information, pricing for Celebrants varies and generally reflects their level of experience, competency and flexibility in creating a magical experience. Just for your information the Industry Standard for a professional, competent and skilled Celebrant will be between $600-$800.

Ask the Celebrant:

  • How many weddings do you do a year? (as the average Celebrant will only perform 6 a year which is not really enough to keep well practiced)
  • In three words how would you descibe your style?
  • How do you (Celebrant) design your ceremonies, are they handwritten to reflect the couple or are your ceremonies templates?I met one celebrant who said he delivered the same ceremony everytime (oh dear!).
  • What hidden costs are there? as some Celebrants will charge for parking, travelling, hire of their PA system etc.
  • Do you supply a signing table and chairs?
  • Who will play the ceremony music? I have heard that some Celebrants will ask a guest to operate the sound system.
  • Do you supply a sound system and what are the functions it is capable of?
  • Do you have any support on the day? I am lucky because my husband works with me.
  • Is there a place such as Facebook where I can go to view some of your work?
  • Can you provide me with so

There are so many variables.

If you would like to view some of the ceremonies I have delivered recently then you may like to visit my Facebook page, marry me mary. If you would like the names of any of my girls then I will happily supply names so that you can contact them directly.

{NAME} I am taking this opportunity to let you know that I am still invested in helping you and to make your wedding ceremony exceed  your expectations.

I hope that you have found this email helpful.