Bringing Love to your Wedding Ceremony

Bringing Love to your Wedding Ceremony

Love is the number one important ingredient at any Wedding Ceremony and oddly it is not always present.

In my experience as a Marriage Celebrant it is often the more simple weddings which evoke the purest emotions. It is the unseen energy which creates the magic. It is the support of the guests and their personal connection with the bride and groom, it is the affection of the parents for their child and the high regard that parents have for the new partner, the tenderness of meaningful words which reflect the depth of the couples relationship and the couple themselves which creates something memorable. It doesn’t matter if the ceremony is in the grandest of locations or under a tree the love elements need to be present. Sometimes it is not always possible for all the stars of support to align but if the other elements make a strong enough presence then the experience will be powerful and memorable.

Please don’t misunderstand me, elaborate and opulent weddings are just as likely to have love present as simple weddings but spending a lot of money isn’t a guarantee for happiness and joy.

One of my most memorable weddings was held in a jail with only seven people present. In this austere place I was expecting a ‘down to business’ ceremony but I couldn’t have been more surprised. Half way through the ceremony, all present were in tears and I am grateful that I not only finished the ceremony without needing to stop but because I was privileged to be witness to and a part of something very moving. The radiating love was indeed overwhelming.

Often in my preliminary meetings, couples express that they are concerned they will start to cry through the service, my response, ‘let the tears flow’ because tears (at a wedding ceremony) are expressions of deep love and affection. There is nothing more satisfying to me as a Celebrant than to be caught in their bubble, to know that I have helped bring the love by making couples feel safe with their emotions and to trust that it is ok (more than ok) if they do cry. I know I have done a great job when I see tears from the wedding party and the guests,,,,,this is my ultimate indulgence. But beware (no apologies) I cry sometimes too.

Of course I have in my bag of tricks a few special ways to help bring love to ceremonies and only those who have seen my work will know what they are….I can’t share at this point you will just have to trust that bringing love to the ceremonies is very important to me and that I have developed ways of making this happen, or at least heightening the feeling which already exists.

I am a Sydney based Wedding Celebrant who is devoted to making magical memories