Wedding Photographers….Working with Celebrants

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Wedding Photographers….Working with Celebrants

Dear Wedding Photographers,

I love working with other professionals in order to create the best possible experience for the couple who have employed us. They have hand picked us so that they can let go and trust that they will achieve a sublime experience free from any worry or stress. Once, we, the professionals are in place the couple should be able to glide effortlessly into their wedding day.

As you are aware,  we (the professionals) don’t meet until we are on location and generally we respect what the other needs to do to work their magic. From my point of view (as a Celebrant) I really appreciate it when the photographer introduces themselves as this gives me an opportunity to let them know what photo opportunities will be available throughout the ceremony. Things like; after the vows there will be butterfly release, after the declaration there will be a hand fasting or at the giving away the bride will be kissing her parents…..sure all ceremonies have their fair share of traditional touch points, like the kissing of the couple or the signing of the register but very often in my ceremonies there are other great moments to capture.

I am a little fired up about this because last week the videographer and photographer completely dismissed me and just expected that the wedding would follow a traditional format. At this wedding, it had been rehearsed that once the 5 bridesmaids were in place the groom would walk up the aisle, collect his bride then walk her back. Well the videographer and photographer stood right in front of the Groom so that he couldn’t even see his bride then he had to walk right around them in order collect his bride. They remained in this position (where I believe they should not have been anyway because it is in the  sacred altar space) for much too long. I understand that the videographer and photographer have jobs to do but surely with a little briefing they can find alternative angles and positions.

So photographers who may read this, all I ask is that you introduce yourself to the Celebrant and ask if there are any special photo opportunities in the ceremony and if there are any spaces where it will be inappropriate to be.

That said, I have worked with some highly talented, creative, imaginative, artistic and polite photographers…..and I thank you for your courtesies.


Mary  Sydney Wedding Celebrant, weaver of magic