A Wedding on Sydney Harbour

Cruise Sydney Harbour and get married on the water

A Wedding on Sydney Harbour

What is it about a body of water which excites our senses? We are all drawn to water, a lake, a river, a dam, a beach or the ocean. There is something calming and serene about being in, near or surrounded by it. Perhaps it is something primeval as water is a life source.

As a Sydney based Celebrant I often have the privilege of being invited to the waters edge to perform a ceremony. I believe that a couple’s choice of location is something more magnificent than just the view, it is the inspiration which is drawn from the beauty of a location it is as though our basic instincts are convening with nature . I think what happens, without us being aware, is that a swelling appreciation is creating love.

In January I had the delight to be invited to perform a wedding not beside the water but on the water…(very happy that it was not in the water…) A cruise boat was chartered by my couple Amanda and Rab, two Scottish nationals residing in Sydney. There were 4 guests to witness the ceremony, two of whom had just flown in from Scotland unaware of the couples plan. Imagine coming from a bleak Scottish winter to a sublime summers day, clear warm air and the iridescent waters on Sydney Harbour. These are the moments which stay etched in our soul for a lifetime. To quote that most prolific writer, Anonymous, ‘Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the number of moments which take our breathe away’ We who were fortunate enough to be aboard that day certainly had a breath taking experience.

image courtesy of Jacqui at runningunderthesprinkler.