Same Sex Union

Same Sex Union

I support ardently same sex union because I feel that the acknowledgement of love, no matter the gender, should be afforded to everyone.

Like many issues in life, to feel passionately about something it needs to be experienced by the heart, something, which you have grabbled with and weighed up with internal debate.

I have five children and two step children who are all happy, balanced individuals each making their own mark on the world. I take some credit for this but also identify that they have made their own choices and forged their own path. Amongst the mix of children I have a gay son and a lesbian step daughter, who are adored and cherished for the people they are. Having raised (and help raise) them I understand that their sexual orientation is not a choice but rather a state of being. When reflecting on all the children, in regards to partnering and hopefully finding the joy of compatible companionship my hope is that they each may have the opportunity to publically proclaim that their union, with their chosen mate, is so deep that they want it to last for all of their days.

Because the gay marriage debate is still in contention we can all look forward to the day when our world is grown up enough to eliminate prejudice and recognise and support all manner of love.

In the ceremonies, which I currently perform, that being between a man and a women, if agreed too, after the legal definition of marriage which I am obliged to do, I also state that this couple believe that marriage should be legally available to all.

Something such as following;

‘Bride and Groom have asked me to say that they are committed to marriage equality and would like to see the end of discrimination for couples not currently afforded the rights to be married. They believe that the law should allow all couples in a committed, loving relationship to be afforded the opportunity to legally and formally declare their love and commitment to each other and by doing so, strengthen the institution of marriage by re-affirming these core values of love and commitment, rather than defining marriage by whom it excludes.’

Until ‘The Marriage Act’ has been amended I offer to gay and lesbian couples a beautiful and loving Commitment Ceremony, which truly reflects the pure intention of their love.

The service of offer for this style of ceremony is the same, as the Wedding Ceremonies except I don’t do the legal components.

In order to show support and encouragement I offer to write and deliver a Commitment Ceremony filled with love, joy and tenderness, for $400.

If you are interested in finding out more about my service please give me a call, A free thinking Sydney based Marriage Celebrant

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