Indoor versus Outdoor Ceremonies

Indoor versus Outdoor Ceremonies

In my experience as a Marriage Celebrant in Sydney and it’s surrounds I have had the pleasure of conducting ceremonies in a variety of locations, both inside, under cover and outside in the magnificent outdoors.

Percentage wise I probably do nine outdoor weddings to one indoor wedding.

There are so many advantages with employing the services of a Marriage Celebrant and probably the biggest advantage is that you get to choose your location. A lookout, a headland, a beach, a park, backyard……the possibilities are endless and all enjoy the wonders of being at one with nature. The risk is that the weather is not necessarily on your side and unless you have a wet weather option you are flying in the face of impending disaster. The ideal weather would be clear skies, a 28 C degree day with a slight breeze blowing and if it is in the middle of the day, plenty of shade cover for your guests…….this sound perfect doesn’t it? This is from my perspective but if you speak to the photographer he would prefer the ceremony either in full sun or full shade and for the photo shoot a good cloud cover as this helps provide the best light for his shots.

The beach or a headland are traditionally very windy spots so if you want this style of wedding it is better to plan a morning ceremony as the wind generally builds in the afternoon. Beautiful parks such as the Botanic Gardens are very popular but couples should be mindful that guests need to meander over hill and dale to find the ceremony location. Even though the ceremony should be about the desires of the couple the needs of all service providers and the guests attending should be taken into account.

I love nothing more than a loving ceremony being held under a grand old tree which has been the site of many others life’s moments but if I am to be completely honest I do prefer the protection and certainty of an indoor environment. The temperature is usually controlled, there is no wind messing with my hair, no sun in our eyes, the audio is reliable and generally everyone is more relaxed and confortable…..especially if they all have a seat……that is my nirvana of a ceremony….all guests seated in a gorgeous sandstone chapel and the sun streaming through a picture window which frames beautiful scenery. Bliss!

My favourite indoor spaces have been the chapel at The Rothbury Estate in the Hunter Valley, the lounge at ‘The Carrington Hotel’ and the chapel at ‘The Sebel’ Windsor. I would be interested to learn about other fabulous indoor locations and of course add them to my portfolio of experience… Now there is an invitation

Come and get me and we will do it together!!!