A Bride arriving late to her Wedding.

A Bride arriving late to her Wedding.

Despite popular belief it is not fashionable for a bride to arrive late for her wedding!

If a bride deliberately delays her arrival at her wedding ceremony it can create distress for everyone and have a knock on effect for some things, which may not be anticipated.

Firstly the guests have organized themselves to be there on time (hopefully…..but that is a whole different blog) and if the ceremony location is outdoors then they will be exposed to the prevailing weather conditions. Frequently there is insufficient seating for guests so most are made to stand while waiting and for girls in glamorous footwear this can be like torture. I delivered a wedding in late May and it was due to start at 3.30pm by the time the bride arrived an hour and a half later the sun was setting and everyone had to huddle together to keep warm….it was freezing. Another when the sun was high in the sky on a Summer’s day everyone scattered to find some shade because they were baking in the full sun with no shelter or water while they waited for over 30 minutes. This may not seem like a long time but in extreme conditions it is very uncomfortable and unsettling, taking the shine off the occasion.

When a bride is late, the groom who is waiting with the guests, becomes restless and worried, this soon turns to irritation and frustration, which doesn’t bode well for a loving exchange of vows.

As for me, the Marriage Celebrant, I go through a process with the guests, encouraging them to take a seat or draw closer to the altar in preparation for the ceremony. I crowd warm by giving instructions and letting them know what to expect during the ceremony. Sometimes they have roles to take and I encourage their participation. Generally I create excitement and anticipation for the coming nuptials. I have to time this well because if I do it too early the crowd energy drops away, for example if the wedding is scheduled for 3pm and I have prepped the guests and the bride doesn’t turn up for 45 minutes, the energy has been lost and it is very hard to manufacture it for a second time.

Something for brides to consider is that they may arrive on time but the photographers can delay the commencement of the ceremony by 20minutes insisting on taking shots of the bridal party’s arrival. Oh dear, this is tedious when everyone can see what is happening and the dah dah moment of the bride’s processional is ruined.

Things happen, accidents, illness, wardrobe malfunctions, traffic, tardy hairdressers, etc……factor in the probability of problems, aim to get to the ceremony location early, it is far better to go around the block a couple of times than to stir the wrath of groom and guests.