My Interview as a Celebrant

My Interview as a Celebrant

A few years ago I was asked to complete a questionnaire for a Wedding publication which was featuring Wedding Celebrants in Sydney.

What they posed were a number of thought provoking questions which were designed to identify the motivations and redeeming qualities of you as a Celebrant.

I found it endorsing to reading through my responses and I was encouraged to see that my motives have not wavered from that time.

Over the next few weeks I will bring you some of the questions and my answers, these may give you some insight into me as a person and the qualities I bring to my relationship with my couples and their ceremony.

1)    Can you tell us a little about your Wedding Celebrant in Sydney services? How did you get started in the wedding industry?

After being the guest at several weddings where the ceremony and celebrant were underwhelming, I felt inspired to take the challenge. Combining my natural skill set of writing, speaking and performance with my love of learning and exploring new horizons I felt I could produce romantic weddings with a modern twist of pageantry, weaving magic. My life experiences and my  affection for people gives me an advantage to be able to relate easily to all people regardless of their age, culture or personal experiences.

What I know now more than ever is that it is a disappointing reality that not all Wedding Celebrants can supply a wholesome experience and it is important for couples to shop around to find the right match for their needs.

2)    From your experience, what type of couples search for your services? Who is your ideal/typical client?

I feel an affinity with most of my clients. We always agree that we have found each other; the laws of attraction have been at work. These couples like the idea of weaving magic into their ceremonies; they want a ceremony, which exudes their personality and sentiments. My ideal couple would see the ceremony as the pinnacle of their wedding event and desire to honour it with appropriate sensitivity and attention.

This still rings true for me, The couples I connect with most deeply are the couples who want to honour their love connection and for a moment let a privileged few be witness to their sentiments. The couples whom I work with recognise that their marriage is a blessing of their souls not an opportunity to pretend to be royalty for a day.  

The image above is Rachel and Garth’s wedding held in the ‘Rose Garden at The Botanic Gardens Sydney’ gorgeous….love them both