Choosing Music for your Ceremony

Choosing Music for your Ceremony


The inclusion of music in any ceremony will evoke a layer of emotion, which cannot be produced any other way. It tantalizes something deep within our soul and cause reactions, which can be surprising. For me, when I hear music it makes me want to move, the music goes into my soul and bubbles forth in the form of dance (yes I am one of those women who dance up the supermarket aisle, much to the embarrassment of those with me). For others it can elicit singing, humming, clapping or whistling, others just let it swill around their being creating a euphoric buzz…it is a rare person not to be moved in some way by the power of music.

As already stated music in ceremonies can really create a mood or ambiance, which words alone cannot produce and with careful and considered placement the right music can create a magical reverence or conversely, get your party started.

When considering the genre, style or mood of the music it is also important to recognise the true meaning of the lyrics, careful analysis of these should be considered before their inclusion in the ceremony.

In my capacity as a Marriage Celebrant, during the ceremony design process, I advise my couples that I like them to consider  three musical occasions within the ceremony.

Firstly, the processional of the bridesmaids and the bride is made all the more magnificent and breathtaking if something romantic is played, this could be classical or a gentle song with appropriate lyrics. The second opportunity for music is at the signing of the documents, this is not only for the entertainment of the guests but it is an opportunity, through song, to express some deep sentiments. Thirdly (and my favourite ) is the choice of song for the final announcement of ‘Mr and Mrs’ I believe that this should be a rejoicing moment which uplifts the spirits of all and gets everyone in the mood for the reception to follow. I know if it is the right song because it will make me dance and quite often the guests will start clapping along……the magic of music!

I have compiled for you my top 50 songs, which I feel have worked best in the ceremonies I have delivered. There are some surprising choices which will make you stop and think about there relevance so be prepared to be challenged. This list can be found on my music page.

Copyright is very important and must be respected so I will buy any three choices made by couples and then everyone is a winner.