Wedding Celebrant in Sydney

Wedding Celebrant in Sydney

Wedding Celebrant Sydney

I, marrymemary am inspired to make any and all ceremonies creative, imaginative, innovative and engaging. Combining my natural skill set of writing, speaking and performance with my love of learning and exploring new horizons I aim to produce romantic weddings with a modern twist of pageantry….weaving magic.

Why Consider a Marriage Celebrant

I feel an affinity with most of my clients. We always agree that the laws of attraction have been at work. These couples desire depth and individuality in their ceremonies; they want a ceremony, which exudes their personality and sentiments, they see the ceremony as the pinnacle of their wedding event and desire to honour it with appropriate sensitivity and attention. I thrive so much on the joy from my Celebrancy work that I resigned from my previous position to concentrate on a full time role as a civil celebrant. My delight is replenished with each couple; no other job offers such wonderful rewards.

Wedding Celebrant Sydney: About Mary

I love meeting the new couples and witnessing their elation, and being invited into their bubble of love. What a privilege. What I believe I give my couples is a true sense that I am committed to creating an experience, which is truly moving and significant .The moments between being single and that of being married are emotionally moving, heartfelt and tangible.

I particularly enjoy including rituals and cultural or traditional customs into my ceremonies. I have always had a love of poetry and am happy to give advice on the making a suitable choice. Together we will create a loving and pure slice of life’s theatre.

I exude joy, warmth and enthusiasm. I can’t help it. I warn couples. I connect easily with people and have an innate ability to understand and relate to their life experiences. The ages of my couples vary but often they are similar ages to one of my 5 children so I can relate to them and their current stage of life. I have been divorced and have embraced step-children into my life. Life has taught me some valuable lessons and I feel that I provide a certain level of wisdom and insight.

Why choosing the right Marriage Celebrant is important.

When looking for a celebrant it is important that couples shop around for not all celebrants are roses (I describe myself as a daisy but not your common variety more like a double petal variety). It is important that they spend time identifying whom they want to join them at this most significant moment of their lives. Much time is spent planning the theme and trimmings of a wedding why would you want to spoil it by not being thoughtful about who conducts the ceremony.

I have designed my website as a useful tool for anyone planning a wedding ceremony. It is an on going project filled with musings and possibilities. I love researching and exploring the notion of celebrations so I am keen to pass on the gems of this learning through this website

I am a former drama teacher; this training has left the legacy of clear diction and a well developed voice. I evoke emotion through my voice; creating goose bumps and making hearts skip a beat. And as a Toastmaster I am a well- trained public speaker whom is perfectly comfortable in front of gathered family, friends and guests. I bring to each ceremony the perfect balance of confidence, dignity, warmth, and light heartedness.