Call Me Old Fashioned, the etiquette of arriving on time!

Call Me Old Fashioned, the etiquette of arriving on time!

It is becoming all too common these days for individuals to operate on their own time without feeling the consequence of how it will impact on others. If an invitation has been issued and accepted and the time is clearly indicated then (failing a catastrophe) the invitee should do everything in their power to honour the request.

Almost every wedding I have conducted sees some guests arriving during or after the ceremony. Sometimes the Bride is kept in the car and the ceremony delayed until the invited guests have  materialized.

Last week guests were being welcomed by other guests and a conversation started all while the ceremony was taking place only metres away. On this occasion I was so distracted that I took a breathe, paused and held my finger up to my pursed lips while eye balling the perpetrators. I was shussing rudeness.

Perhaps I am being unreasonably cranky but if you can’t display courtesy and consideration (by arriving ahead of time), to the couple who have held you in high enough esteem to invite you into their bubble of love, then you should refuse their invitation. At the very least, if you are running late, discretely enter the ceremony space with as little fanfare as possible and consider the sanctity of the occasion.

¬†Mary Ord marrymemary Sydney Marriage Celebrant, trying to maintain the spreading of joy….until next rant anyway!