Handmade Ceremonies with Personal Stories

Handmade Ceremonies with Personal Stories

What I love about my work is hearing the stories about how couples met and what they hold dear about each other. I have a little questionnaire which I give to my couples so that I can build a passage which reflects them as individuals but also their shared story. I have so many favourites but the following is to be delivered at a wedding to be held at The Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney at the end of the month. What is surprising about the inclusion of such a passage in a ceremony is the wonderful reactions from the guests. Somehow it makes them more receptive and connected to the whole ceremony. Lovely! Such joy!

Jane and Gregory have loved each other for a long time, their love has deepened over the years to mature into a caring, devoted and enduring love. As teenagers they first met in the food court at Castle Towers and Jane thought that Gregory was out of her league because he was in a band and was much cooler than she was, obviously not, for, to quote Gregory about his first meeting with Jane, “honestly, I just thought she was hot”

Jane and Gregory have experienced 10 years of loyalty and togetherness and now that they are entering a new phase of their relationship Gregory tells me that what he is most looking forward to about being married is getting a cat.

Gregory adores and admires Jane for being great at all the things he is not. They are a team, Jane cooks, Gregory cleans, Jane does maths and Gregory doesn’t. Gregory loves that Jane is capable and confident to do all the important things and Jane loves that Gregory lets her. This is a true partnership, which is glued together with laughter, support, consideration, trust and companionship.

This afternoon Jane and Gregory want to make a public commitment; they want the world to know that this commitment is so deep that they want it to last for all of their lives. They want to gaze upon the other in the knowledge they are husband and wife and be proud that each has chosen the other. Once more I would like to quote Gregory, “I want to marry Jane because I couldn’t image not having her in my life. I want to experience life with her by my side”


Mary Ord Sydney Marriage Celebrant www.marriage-celebrant-sydney.com.au