Balloon Release at a Wedding

Balloon Release at a Wedding

One of the things which I love best when creating Wedding Ceremonies is to make something which meaningfully reflects the couples desires. I try to listen with purpose so that I can devise by design. One couple, Viv and Trevor wanted guests to articulate wishes for the couple’s future together. They also wanted something visual and memorable which the guests could be involved in.

As the guests collected to witness the marriage each was asked to write, on a card, wishes for the bride and groom and their lives together. ( Viv and Trevor would  enjoy reading them at their leisure, after the dust had settled).

Sticking with the blue and white theme, at the time of the signing I had every guest collect a balloon. After the final blessing and the pronouncement of Mr and Mrs the balloons were released with each, being sent off into the heavens, with the guest’s wish mentally attached.

Colour, drama, theatrics, love messages, laughter, all this and more achieved with so little effort.

Mary Ord Sydney Marriage Celebrant Sydney